“A collaboration of
designers, artists,
technical visionaries
& media server gurus.”

Utilizing and blending the latest technologies to realize your production’s full potential; we’ve been providing cutting-edge concert visuals, motion graphics & professional interactive video / art / LED installations out of South Florida since 2011.

We’re an internationally recognized collective of professionals with extensive contacts in the production industry.  We have talent where and when you need it to execute even your most technically demanding projects.

Our Team & Partners

Only the best and the brightest.

  • Talbot Simons "TBOT" - Founder / Visual Mastermind
  • Cruze Hutcheson
  • Dave Dennison "Omni"
  • Sean Kelley "Entropy"
  • Jason Boogie "AV8"
  • William Alexander Marin-Stoddart "WilliamXMS"
  • Santiago Messier "smessier"
  • Frank Hegedus "Frank Asaurus Fresh"
  • John Bainter "The Painter"
  • Alex Duvall "Luma Visual"
  • VJ Collective Los Angeles - VJC LA
  • Melt Creative - Denver, Colorado

Latest Projects & Clients

What we’ve been cookin’ up

  • A-Trak / Fool's Gold
  • Bonnie X Clyde
  • Celebrity X Cruises
  • EDC / Electric Daisy Carnival
  • Groove Cruise
  • Moonrise Festival - Baltimore, MD
  • Propaganda - Lake Worth, FL
  • SAKRED Nightclub - Boca Raton, FL
  • Spring Awakening Music Festival - Chicago, IL
  • The Hauss Collective
  • The Temple House - Miami Beach, FL
  • Ultra Music Festival - Miami, FL
  • Vandal Warehouse - West Palm Beach, FL
  • Whet Travel


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